We are moving in one week. We are leaving DC, where we’ve lived for longer than I’ve lived any place other than my childhood home (and I’ve lived a lot of places). There are so many things I love about our neighborhood - our friends, the playgrounds, nutella lattes, Eastern Market, spring gardens, all the fountains, the walk to the capitol… But we don’t want to live in the city. We want to live way out in the country. And so we are moving. This has been our plan for years and we are finally making it happen. 

Right now we are in the midst of our “lasts” and our goodbyes. My last metro ride home from work, our last dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant, our last trip to the Botanic Gardens, goodbye to friends I’ve known since my first day of grad school, goodbye to dear friends we’ve known since our oldest child was a newborn, goodbye to classmates and neighbors, and the super friendly man selling StreetSense on the corner of Penn and 7th.

Even though I’m anxious to look forward and focus on the move, I’m making an effort to hold back and savor these last couple of weeks. I’m trying to let myself feel the sadness of leaving what has truly been home for seven years. 

I thought it might be nice to post a few pictures (or maybe a lot of pictures) of all the places we love here. I’ll start with a few of the landmarks. I’ll sure miss being able to walk to them!

Reflecting Pool at Capitol.


Capitol in snow.

Jefferson Memorial during cherry blossom season.

 Baseball with friends at National Monument.

Pictures from around our neighborhood up next!