Halloween Costumes Part I

In my mind I have lots of grand sewing projects, but I never carry them out, or even start them for that matter. I blame it on the fact that I don’t have a sewing machine, or a sewing room, or a sewing day… lots of excuses. But every Halloween I pull it together and get crafty. I have this thing about making Halloween costumes and I like that once a year sewing becomes a priority. 

This year Katherine wants to be a “Halloween Witch” and Clara requested a “Green Puppy Dog” costume. Katherine picked out some fancy Halloween fabric for a twirly skirt. She’s hoping my effort this year will result in a proper twirly skirt since last year’s Yellow Fairy skirt didn’t end up twirly enough. Clara will get felt ears and paws and a finger-knit tail temporarily sewn onto a green hooded sweatshirt. She also wants a collar (made out of the fancy fabric she picked out) and a leash so the witch can “walk her.” I’m thinking about that one. Alexandra will be a cute little teddy bear and simply wear her LL Bean fleece coveralls that happen to have ears. 

I’m not sure these qualify as “grand sewing projects,” but it is fun to put them together and the girls enjoy the process. 

Here are tonight’s efforts. I can already tell the skirt will fail on the twirly front.