Halloween Costumes Part II

The costumes were completed today, just in time. The twirly skirt, as expected, was not twirly, but the poofy, orange mesh more than made up for it. The Green Puppy Dog turned out better than expected considering I put off making the ears, paws, and tail (basically, the entire costume) until late last night. 

Here they are, the witch anxiously awaiting her friend, 

while walking the puppy.

I love Halloween. I love the creativity of costume making and pumpkin carving, the magic of going out after dark, and the fact that it is totally normal to go around to strangers’ houses and ask for - and receive - candy. I love visiting neighbors and seeing friends’ children all dressed up. I love the sense of community. I love (being) the Halloween Fairy, who comes and trades most of the candy for a few special gifts. I’m not sure how long that will last, though, since Clara claimed tonight that she wanted the Fairy to visit Katherine, but not her.

And finally, I love that Halloween feels like the kickoff into the winter season. 

Happy Halloween. Welcome November.