Gift Guide & Give Away!

A few years ago our friend Emily gave Katherine this placemat for her birthday. (I should note here that every year I ask Emily what she is planning to get for her kids, then I copy her)

The next year, we ordered several more for Christmas. The kids love the artwork and often spend those last few minutes before dinner is served absorbed (and quiet!) in the scenes. Plus, the placemats are easy to clean and, two years later, they are still as good as new. 

This year, Natasha (the artist) and I are hosting a giveaway. To enter, leave a comment with one of your favorite holiday traditions. On December 1st, I will randomly select two winners to receive one of Natasha’s placemats.

Here are some of her other designs:

If you would like to place your own order, you can email Natasha at: tashebe79 at yahoo dot com.