A Little Goodness

We received an article from Katherine’s school titled, “How Do I Find and Create Goodness for My Children” (by Susan Weber of Sophia’s Hearth Family Center) to help us parents deal with difficult times or events in the presence of our children. It offers the following advice:

Take a walk, find your way into nature, hold deep in memory the most recent good thing we have encountered. Begin and end your day with a gratitude for the good in our lives - however challening this may feel at moments…and see if, step by tiny step, you can rediscover, in difficult times, that the world is truly good.

There are many good things in life, and one of them arrived in the mail yesterday. Every year for as long as I can remember, my Aunt and Uncle have sent our family a box of Christmas cookies. When I moved into my own place, I was surprised that first Christmas to receive my own box - and every year since a box of cookies has appeared a few weeks before Christmas. It is one of my favorite things about the holidays and it is connected to many good memories.

I’m not sure cookies are exactly what Susan Weber has in mind when she refers to the wonder and miracles of the universe, but they represent something good in the world, and I’m holding that deep in my memory this week.