Curative Story: Loud Shrill Voice

Once upon a time there was a bunny and her name was Molly bunny. She lived in the forest with her mama bunny and her daddy bunny. Every morning when she woke up she hopped out of bed and ran outside to play. Molly bunny loved to sing and she always sang in a loud, clear voice. One morning, bright and early, she hopped outside and started singing one of her favorite morning songs. “Good morning, good morning!” As she sang she noticed a chipmunk peek out of his home, rubbing his eyes and yawing. The chipmunk did not look happy. Then she saw a squirrel scowling down from his tree branch. A deer rustled in the woods, she too looked unhappy. Molly bunny continued signing in her loud clear voice, but she wondered why all the animals seemed so grumpy. Just then her mama came out. “Shhhhh! Molly bunny, all of the animals in the forest are still sleeping. They are not ready to wake up and your signing is waking them. If you want to sing you need to find a quiet voice.” Molly bunny looked around and sure enough all the animals seemed sleepy. She quieted her voice down so that only someone right next to her could hear her song. The deer smiled and closed her eyes, the squirrel settled back down on his branch, and the chipmunk disappeared back into his home, yawning again. Molly bunny tiptoed through the forest, singing quietly. Everyone was content.