Curative Story: Holding still while brushing teeth

Once upon a time there was a bunny and her name was Molly bunny. She lived in the forest with her mama bunny and her daddy bunny. Molly bunny was five years old and had just lost her first tooth. Another one was loose and two new ones were coming in. Every night Molly bunny looked in the mirror to inspect her new teeth. She also had to brush her teeth every night. Sometimes this was difficult because Molly bunny was very hoppy and bunnies have to hold still while brushing their teeth.  

One night Molly bunny was brushing her teeth. But she was hopping up and down at the same time. “Hold still Molly bunny!” her mama said. But as much as Molly bunny tried, she simply could not stop hopping. “How are you going to get your teeth clean if you keep hopping up and down?” her mama asked. Then she said, “I have an idea.” Mama bunny went into her trunk of special things and brought out a small yellow box. “Here,” she said, opening the yellow box. “Put all your hops into this box. We’ll keep them in here at night and in the morning we will open it and you can have them back.” So Molly bunny put all her hops into the box and closed it. Then she held perfectly still and brushed her teeth.

Now, every evening before Molly bunny brushes her teeth, she takes out her yellow box and puts all her hops into it. First thing in the morning when she wakes up, she opens the box and her hops are waiting for her. And her teeth are always very clean.