Curative Story: Kindness

Once upon a time there was a bunny, and her name was Molly bunny. She lived in the forest with her mama bunny and her daddy bunny. She was a good little bunny, cheerful and kind. But sometimes she lost her kindness. Usually, when she lost her kindness, she found it quickly, under her bed or behind the couch. But sometimes it would take a long time to find it. Those days were not fun for anyone.

One day, Molly bunny was playing in the garden, jumping rope, and climbing trees. When she went inside for lunch, she realized she had lost her kindness. She was not cheerful and kind. She felt grumpy and mean. Her eyes did not sparkle and her hop was slow and sluggish.

At the lunch table, Molly bunny frowned at her sandwich, “Yuck. I don’t like this lunch!” she said ungratefully. After she had picked at her sandwich, she demand more water in an unkind voice. “More water!” She didn’t even say “please.” 

Later, when she was playing with her friend Agoo the chipmunk, she didn’t feel like sharing her chalk. “It’s mine and you can’t use it,” she said sharply, and then added, “All you do is scribble scrabble anyway.” 

Before dinner, Mama bunny asked Molly bunny to put away her toys and books. “No, I won’t do it. I don’t have to!” said Molly bunny, stomping her foot. 

Mama bunny looked sadly at Molly bunny. “Molly bunny, you need to find your kindness. Come. I will help you look for it.” Together they looked for Molly bunny’s kindness. They looked under her bed and behind the couch, but it wasn’t there. They looked behind the front door and in the closet, but it wasn’t there. They looked outside, up in the tree and in the bush branches. They couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, Molly bunny gave up. “I’ll never find it, and I don’t care!” she exclaimed, sticking her hands in her pockets. But her fingers felt something in her pocket… she pulled out her smooth, soft, shiny kindness! It had been in her pocket all along! Suddenly she smiled. Her eyes sparkled and she hopped high into the air. “I found it!” she shouted with delight.

That night at dinner, she thanked her mama for dinner, “Thank you for preparing this nice meal!” The next morning, she ran to Agoo’s house and gave him a box of chalk. “Agoo! Come draw with me, let’s draw something beautiful together!” And before dinner, she put away all her toys and books while singing her favorite song. She was a happy bunny, cheerful and full of kindness.