Nursing Monster

If you are wondering why I’m coasting along with little stories, poems (not my own), and “this moment”s, it is because I have created - for the third time - a nursing monster. No need to go into why this happens with each kid. It is obvious. Despite having read the sleep books and watched other frustrated parents in the same situation (and generously offered my hypocritical advise), I am weak and always go for the easy, quick-fix, solution: nurse the crying baby. 

So now I can’t get anything done in the evening.

My nursing monster insists on nursing every 30 minutes from 8pm - 12am, and then every 2-3 hours until 7am. If I don’t oblige, she cries her saddest cry. She also has an “efficiency sensor.” Actually, all my kids have this, but it seems to kick in at about 6 months. As soon as I am actually getting something done, her little sensor goes off and wakes her up. Only nursing will turn it off again.

Maybe there is some kind of sleep training that would work if we really committed to it. But I already know we won’t do that. We’ll just wait it out. Besides, she is so warm and snuggly, and soon she’ll be five and all knees and elbows and snuggling won’t be the same. 

So, my sweet little nursing monster. Unproductive evenings, sleepless nights, and caffeinated days it is. And lots of picture posts.

Good thing you are so cute (even when you are blurry).