Favorite Sayings

At the risk of being cheesy, I thought I'd do a mini-series on my top five favorite sayings. These are sayings I think about daily and they serve as a guide for me in parenting, and life in general. Since it is -13 degrees today, I'll start with this one:

There is no such thing as poor weather, just poor dressing.

I first heard it from my friend Emily, and I think it originally came from a Waldorf educator somewhere in Scandinavia. As someone who gets cold hands and feet as soon as it dips below 40 degrees, I'm not always sure I agree with it, but I try. I love the message that there is no excuse for not going outside every day. Anytime I find myself leaning towards not taking the kids out (usually in rainy 35 degrees weather), I call up this saying and figure out what I need to wear to be warm. Often it requires a thermos of coffee. Interestingly, I find the kids are rarely deterred by the weather, as if they barely notice it. They play just as hard on a cold, wet day as they do on a warm, sunny day - as long as I motivate to get them outside!