Favorite Sayings #2

It is better to be 100% present with your child 5% of the time than 5% present 100% of the time.

This saying is always a good reminder for me to take a time out from my to-do list and just sit down and do something with each child each day. I don't always manage and it is a constant challenge to balance the pull to get things done and the importance of being present. I admit I get plenty of 100% time with Alexandra. Every time she nurses, I stop and just sit with her, touch her little hands, look at her round, soft face and marvel at my little baby (ok, clinging to the "little" part). I love that time. It's harder with the big sisters since they are as busy with their play as I am with my agenda, but I love when I do take the time to really be with them. 

This evening I snuggled up with Katherine and read the first chapter of Little House on the Prairie. She is fascinated by the covered wagon and the big sky forming a huge circle around Laura and her family as they travel west across the plains. 

It was the best 5% of my day.