Pogo sticks and strings

Happy Birthday to my seven-year-old!

A few weeks ago I posted about Katherine’s request for a pogo stick, and finding that balance between keeping things practical and giving in to a birthday wish. Well, we gave in (Jill, it was your comment that convinced us) and Katherine is now a proud pogo-owner. She loves it, and it turns out you can pogo in the snow and in the dark, which will come in very handy over the next few months. If I had known that, it would have fallen into the practical category and there wouldn't have been any discussion about whether or not to get it for her!


Katherine is also deeply absorbed in cat’s cradle, and was hoping for (and received) a string game book. Last night she happily got into her bed on her own while Dave and I finished bath and books with her sisters. That has never happened before. Thank you, string games (and Grandma!). Then this morning, I found her awake in her bed before her sisters woke up (which has never, ever, ever happened before) working on… string games. She has mastered the tortoise shell.


And then there was cake. An extra big cake. This year we tried out paper decorations on top instead of frosting and candy decorations. We had fun with paper doll snowmen, and Dave and I were pleased to have all the extra sugary crap that we had tucked away (just in case) for ourselves. Win win.


Katherine agreed it was a good day and is happy to finally be seven. Happy birthday sweet girl!