I'm not really a picture person - most of the time I forget the camera, or if I bring it I forget to take pictures. The few pictures I do take pictures either end up on this blog or in some cyber folder and only get looked at about a week before Christmas in our holiday card creation frenzy. I like the idea of printing out pictures and placing them in frames around the house, or even better, in neatly organized albums, but I don't think I've printed a picture in at least 3 years...

So when Easy Canvas Prints offered to print a picture on a canvas for us, I jumped on it. I'm waiting for it to arrive (any day now!) and I will post a picture of it when it does. They are also hosting a giveaway for an 8" by 10" canvas print, and all entrants will receive a 60% off coupon for Easy Canvas Prints. You can enter here! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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