Green House

As we wait in the bitter cold temperatures for winter to really start (you know, with that big dump of snow I'm always hoping for), I decided to check out what was going on in the greenhouse. Well, it wasn't warm in there, but it wasn't frigid cold, and it smelled like fresh earth - a total contrast to the stark, empty smell of ice and snow. I usually don't mind the sharp winter air, especially on sunny days when everything seems to glitter, but that little reminder that spring is close, just tucked under the old crunchy snow, was very reassuring.

It also occurred to me that a certain little sister would love to dig in all that dirt. The snow can be tough for little fingers trapped in bulky mittens, especially when big sister playmates are off building sledding jumps and cross country skiing around the yard. And with little sister's birthday coming up… perhaps a winter mud party in the greenhouse?