TV-free week results

TV-free week is over. We made it through. I wondered if my productivity would increase given the extra time, but sadly, I have to say it didn't. I got about the same amount done each day and still stayed up just as late. I would say the same was true for Dave, and his office did not get cleaned and organized.

We also missed our end-of-the-day time together watching the characters in the teen dramas I love work out their complex life problems within 40 minutes. Instead, we spent it each at our own computer trying to catch up on work/email/writing/reading. Maybe to really get the benefit of TV-free evenings, we'd have to actually go computer-free. I'm not sure we could pull that off, though, since we are committed to keeping screens off while kids are around. 

But maybe we can cut down to just a few nights of TV a week. It's all about balance, right? Besides, if I can get into the habit of getting into bed a little earlier on non-TV nights, maybe I'll manage to read more than two pages before falling asleep - and actually enjoy reading a whole, entire book for a change… Teen drama and chick-lit, of course.