Seasons Inside

I like to try to mark the changing seasons inside our home… nothing extravagant, just a few toys and books, and some nature items. Even though it is subtle, the kids notice and are now starting to ooh and ahh over the treasures that reappear for only a month or two each year. This year, especially, I found it refreshing - therapeutic, even - to pack away the winter objects and bring out the spring, even before spring actually got to us. A needed reminder that it was on its way.

Right now, we have this as our centerpiece,

as well as my favorite flowers, of course.

I try my best to stay on top of rotating the monthly poem from John Updike's, A Child's Calendar, although we had April's page well into May.

And the seasonal table. It's a dark picture because the only time it looks neat and tidy is at night when no kids are around. These treasures get used for all sorts of things. This week, Alexandra has been packing them (and many other things) into the cooler and lugging it around on pretend picnics. 

I'd love to hear how you mark the seasons in your home!