On weather

Another random microblog post (I'm grasping here… 10 more days of every-day-writing!)

I almost never check the weather forecast. I find it to be accurate enough to affect my mood (Clear and sunny? Yay! Another rainy day? Boo!), but not accurate enough to actually be useful. Sometimes I wonder if the whole weather prediction thing is just a big conspiracy to tell people what they need to hear on any given day.

Dave, however, checks the weather regularly and tells me about it. So I know that the next four days will likely be rainy. I’m annoyed because the list of outdoor tasks is long and would be a lot more pleasant in the warm sunshine. Plus, it is a three-day weekend. On the other hand, now I won’t have to lug buckets of water out to the trees we planted that are just out of reach of the hose.

I’m hoping that the forecast is just accurate enough that the trees will get a long drink of water, but otherwise totally wrong.