Around the Garden

Sometimes it feels like not much is happening in the garden, and at first glance it looks a lot like it did the last time I took pictures. But things are growing - taller, thicker, bushier - and we are (still) on the verge of a burst of produce. At least I think we are. This is my first garden so I'm not really sure exactly what will happen. 

I'm learning a lot from neighbors and friends, and through trial and error. I now know we need to build the pea and pole bean trellises higher than we think earlier than we think, and then the plants need a little help finding their way up. The squash needs some sort of covering to keep the beetles away, at least early on. I think part of why we're so behind is because the seedlings spent their first weeks battling the bugs. We also need to soak the hoop house soil before planting and then water a lot more frequently, especially during the seedling stage. It gets so dry in there. I still don't know what to do about the critter who is helping himself to our strawberries. Maybe some sort of cover for them too.

But all in all, our garden is coming along. The freezer is starting to fill with various pesto recipes and our salad bowl is now filled with fresh greens. I'm really looking forward to adding in the tomatoes, peas, and carrots!