Goat kids or no goat kids?

Will we have baby goats in two months?

A few weeks after her day at the love chateau, Mabeline seemed to go into heat again, so I assumed she was not pregnant. But now I wonder: is her larger size winter weight or goat babies?

From this angle, she doesn't look pregnant:

But then she'll turn like this and I'm SURE there are babies in there:

The rumen, the largest of the four stomachs, is on the left and often sticks out when it is full of hay, so looking lopsided with a larger left side is normal. But here, Mabeline is looking rather round on the right. I think I read somewhere that goats carry more on the right. But I've also read that there are no visible signs of goat pregnancy during the first three months (Mabeline would be at 3.5 months), and some goats don't "show" at all at any point during pregnancy. Then again, I've seen pictures of pregnant goats with big bumps on both the left and right. Of course we should keep in mind that all of this information has come from goat blogs, so not sure any of it is reliable. 

But still, it's fun to speculate. Pregnant?

Or fat?

I think we'll have the vet come do an ultrasound so we know for sure (yes, they do goat ultrasounds!). It is an investment to prepare for kids (both time and money), and if there's no need to prepare then we'd rather not. But given our lack of experience, we don't want to wake up to kids one morning and not be prepared. So finding out for sure seems like a good idea.

Anyone want to place their bets?