Kids on a swing

We have a beautiful swing set built into our tree. It has two swings and a bar with rings, so there is a spot for each kid.

Apparently, the two swings have their own good and bad qualities, and Katherine and Clara have each claimed the one that fits them best. Alexandra is usually happiest upside down on the bars.

But after two months at home with each other, the girls have started to fight over who gets which swing and who gets the bar with rings. Some days they all want the same swing, or they all want the bar, or they simply want what another sister has.

Just when they are about to drive me mad with their bickering (and I threaten to take the whole thing down with my handy pruning saw), they’ll find their groove and do this for hours.

I'm not sure it balances out the hours of bickering, but it is pure joy for all of us when they find their play together.