Color Counterbalance

As the horror of what is happening in our country sinks in, the only way I can keep the panic and utter despair at bay is to try to do something about it. Something, anything to help counterbalance the surge in overt racism.

My friends, Danielle and Susan, and I have been working on racial sensitivity together for several years. Hours of conversation around the dinner table, workshops, discussion groups, reading, and research have come together in the form of a website intended to raise awareness, share resources, and above all, encourage people to help counterbalance the whiteness that dominates our society. 

Color Counterbalance is a website, a bookshelf, a blog... a space to provide resources to help counterbalance the whiteness that dominates our society. Filling our homes with books, dolls, toys, and media featuring non-dominant races and cultures is a start to reflecting in our lives the diversity we want our children to value.  

Please take a look, please share far and wide, and please consider the books and products we feature* for your holiday gifts this year.

(*We connect people to books, artists, and products, but we do not receive any benefits for purchases made)