Curative story: Tantrum-free park departures

Once upon a time there was a bunny and her name was Molly bunny. She lived in the forest with her mama bunny and her daddy bunny. Molly bunny loved to play with her friend Agoo the chipmunk. They loved to go to the play tree together and chase each other around the tree in circles, dig holes in the dirt, and jump from root to root.

One day Molly bunny and Agoo were playing chase around the tree. They played for a long, long time. When Molly bunny’s mama called to her, “Molly bunny, time to go home now,” Molly bunny didn’t want to leave, she was having too much fun. So she ran around to the other side of the tree and hid. “Molly bunny,” called her mama, “it is time to go home now. Please come now.” But Molly bunny stayed behind the tree, hiding. Finally, Molly bunny’s mama came around the tree, scooped up Molly bunny and took her home. “You need to come with me when it is time to go home. Bunnies who don’t listen to their mamas don’t get to go to the play tree,” said Mama bunny.

The next day, Molly bunny asked, “Mama, can we go to the play tree today?” “I’m sorry Molly bunny, but we can’t go today. Last time you didn’t come with me when it was time to leave.” “But I really want to go!” cried Molly bunny.  “We can try again tomorrow, but today we stay at home and play,” replied her mama. Molly bunny was sad. She wanted to go play with Agoo at the play tree.

The next day, Molly bunny asked again, “Mama, can we go to the play tree today?” “Yes,” said Mama bunny, “today we can go to the play tree, but you must come with me when I tell you it is time to leave.”  “Ok, I will,” said Molly bunny. Molly bunny and Agoo played for a long time, running around the tree, digging in the dirt, and jumping from root to root. And when Molly bunny’s mama called out, “Molly bunny, time to go home now,” Molly bunny hopped right over to her mama. Together they hopped home happily.