Go in and out the window (Book)

Go In and Out the Window: An Illustrated Songbook For Children

All the credit goes to my mom on this one. We had this book growing up and now I use it all the time to sing to the kids. The preface describes the book as having “examples of each genre of childhood music: nursery songs, ballads, play songs, lullabies, folk songs, spirituals, and work songs, plus a sprinkling of patriotic music.” Each song is presented with artwork from the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, along with an excerpt about the art, the song and the era. A nice combination of art, music, and history. Our favorites: Billy Boy, Greensleeves, Lavender’s Blue, Oats, Peas, and Beans, Shenandoah, and Simple Gifts.

It goes wonderfully with A Treasury of Children’s Songs (again, thanks to my mom). That way if you can’t read music very well, even after some 10 years of cello and flute lessons, you can listen to the songs and learn them that way.