In keeping with my word for the year, fit, I am determined to fit in exercise. It is always the first thing I let go when I am busy, even though it is probably one of the most important things I should be doing at my age.

A few weeks ago, a fellow VTmommies author, Jessie Lucas, emailed asking if I wanted to participate in her Fitness Accountability Program, a new phase of her business, Vivacious Mama. She offers to help people discover what uniquely works for their personal health needs, preferences, and goals.

Well, I know how to exercise, after all, I was a competitive athlete for many years, and I know what my preferences and goals are. My big problem is that I don’t have (or make) time for fitness these days. So I replied to Jessie telling her it sounded interesting, but I had my doubts. I included a long list of excuses, including a detailed daily schedule, as to why it is nearly impossible for me to work out regularly.

Jessie was unfazed and quickly responded that it is her mission to help people figure out how to fit it in. Her enthusiasm was contagious and I started to think maybe she could actually help me…So I’m in. I’ll be posting about it as I go through her course.

Anyone want to join me in her FREE course called “Make Exercise No Sweat 2015”?

Here are the specifics:

If you are ready for an entirely new take on exercise, and you want results inside and out, check out Jessie Lucas's *FREE* course, "Make Exercise No Sweat 2015".  In her business, Vivacious Mama, Jessie is on a mission to help women change their relationship with exercise and develop their inner and outer strength.

In this course she is teaching you how to get and stay motivated, how to find your specific and unique exercise plan to meet your goals, desires, and preferences, and she will help you start your lifestyle transformation with an exercise makeover.

The course starts January 22, go register and start making 2015 your healthiest and happiest year yet!