Last year my word for the year was pace. I’m not sure it actually helped me pace myself in terms of not taking on too much, but the word echoed in my mind when I did feel overwhelmed, and it helped me to pace myself in that moment. I also realized that pacing myself might not be the best strategy. No matter how much I whine and complain about how much I have to do, I like existing in that state of slightly overwhelmed. So this year I’m embracing it, and my word is fit. As in, I’m going to fit it all in.

One thing I’d like to find more time for is this space. I let it go over the past year as I devoted my writing time to other spaces that better met my needs, but I miss it and want to work it back in. The focus may change a bit – there may be more, shorter posts about this and that, and fewer posts in which I try to process the various challenges of parenting. But we’ll see. 

To start off, a few pictures from one of our favorite holiday traditions: Gingerbread Houses! We always save this project for the week after Christmas; it gives us something to look forward to and enjoy after the thrill of Christmas itself is over. 

The girls are hoping to eat a few gingerbread house cookies before the little night mice (named Karen and David) nibble away at them.

Happy 2015!