Stopping by

Lately, my writing inspiration has been hitting around 10am, right around the time second coffee kicks in. The sentences form in my head as I wash dishes and fold laundry, and I look ahead at my day and think, surely, I will have time this afternoon to put these creative, well-crafted sentences down on paper.

But as the day unfolds, my prospective writing time slips away, most often replaced by distractions around the house. Distractions that are 2, 5 and 8 years old. Ah well, I think, tonight I will write! But then night comes and I'm tired and all those well-crafted sentences elude me. So instead, I doze off with the two-year-old in her bed to keep her quiet so that the five-year-old can fall asleep. When Dave drags me out of bed so I can actually go to bed, I'm no longer motivated or inspired.

But I didn't get to crawl into bed with Alexandra this evening because I have work to do; an online workshop I am participating in has reading and homework assignments, and I'd better get started on them.

So as long as I'm sitting down at my computer, I figured I'd stop in here to write something. Nothing inspired, well-crafted, or even interesting to anyone other than perhaps my mother, but hey, I'm here! I'm fitting it in!

What is interesting is that we are expecting -20 degrees with a windchill of -30, possibly -40, tomorrow morning. Will school be delayed? Canceled? Will the water pump rotors freeze again? Will the car start? Will the goats still choose to sleep right by the barn door as they always do on clear nights?

We shall see.