The Vet Visit

Our wonderful vet, Alison, came with her super cool vet truck to do an ultrasound on the goats to check for pregnancies. After hosting the handsome Romeo Santos for a month, we were hoping at least one of them had kids on the way.

Before I get to the results, let me just say that as far as my (human) kids are concerned, Alison’s visits are all about her pickup truck. She has everything in there: refrigerated compartments, vaccines, vitamins, medicine, tubes and funnels for dealing with rumen aches, a portable ultrasound machine, and even a water source with hose for sanitizing her boots after farm visits… and that’s only what we’ve seen. I’m sure she has all sorts of other supplies and equipment tucked away. Whenever she comes, Katherine, Clara, and Alexandra circle her truck in fascination, oblivious to the vet visit that is taking place. If anyone out there wants to make millions, I suggest a “veterinarian truck Lego set.” Can’t you just picture this truck in Legos? 

Alison started by checking Mabeline. I had a feeling Mabeline wasn’t bred since she went into heat after Romeo Santos left. Mabeline loves the bucks, but if no buck is around, she goes for Clementine, and she was pursuing Clementine a few weeks ago.

I was right, no kids for Mabes.

But I had high hopes for Clementine. I know she “connected” with Romeo Santos, and I also really want Clementine to have kids since we separated her from her two boys (Walter and Caramello) when we first got her. Sometimes Clementine stands in the barn doorway wistfully looking off into the distance, and we wonder if she is “missin’ her boys,” as Alexandra says. Perhaps we can make it up to her if she gets to have kids again, and this time stay with them.

But alas, no kids for Clem.

Oh, the disappointment. As fond as we were of Romeo Santos, how frustrating to have no pregnancies after the work, expense, and stink of hosting a buck for a month.

Finally, Alison asked if we wanted to check Temperance. I almost said no… after all, I was sure she and Romeo Santos never connected. As I’ve said, Temperance seems indifferent to the whole reproductive process. I’ve never been able to tell when she’s in heat (unlike Mabeline, who is very obvious about it), and she never seemed interested in Romeo Santos. But you never know with Tempe. Why not just check? Might as well.

Right away, Alison said, “this one is bred with at least two kids.”

Quiet, subtle, sneaky Temperance will be a mama! Just goes to show I have no idea what happens in our barn. If all goes well, she will birth at least two kids sometime at the end of May.

Our own kids are already fighting over who gets to “claim and name” the goat kids. Fingers crossed Temperance comes out with three instead of two.