Still waiting...

For all those wondering... no goat kids yet. Everyday I check for signs that labor is near, but the only sign is that my usually affectionate goat is avoiding me. When she see me coming into the stall, unless I have grain, she runs away. I've read that goats can get like this weeks before the babies come. Then again, it could be because I've been chasing her around pinching her tail head to see if her back ligaments have loosened (a sign that labor is imminent).

I had hoped the babies would arrive this weekend, but looking at my schedule for this week, now I hope it's not until at least Thursday. 

In the meantime, we've named our farm! Well, it's not official yet, but once the paperwork gets processed, it will be "Kózka Farm." Kózka (pronounced koozka) means "little goat" in Polish. A nod to our Peace Corps days in Poland. We have this great idea of giving all the goat kids Polish names: Kasia, Basia, Magda, Lukasz, Mateusz... I love Polish names. Our human kids, however, object. I'm sure they're thinking up all sorts of original names, like Dora (we had several chickens named Dora) or Dumbledore. Luckily for Dave and me, those who do the barn chores get to name the goat kids.

Hopefully my next post will be about happy, healthy, little goats.